PEV provides customized strategic advice, operational solutions, and capital raising services to launch, grow, and expand companies.

PEV has a client-friendly, flexible business model

Type of Service Service Description
  • Work with management to review and evaluate the business opportunity including testing and exploring business concepts
  • Provide strategic advice and planning on all aspects of the business
  • Develop business plans, strategic plans, and pitch books as necessary to grow the business
  • Value the business and evaluate M&A opportunities
  • Define product specifications and confirm product concepts
  • Develop project plans and assist in product launch
  • Introduce key business contacts (clients, bankers, partners, and suppliers) to establish partnerships required for successful product launches and customer acquisitions
  • Test and validate product and services
  • Provide advice and pitch book development for capital raising or M&A activities
  • Increase access to public and private sources of capital

    -Types of capital: growth equity & debt products

  • Specialized & tailored introductions to investors and boutique investment banking firms (ie. Agile Equity, SilverFern, Savoy Capital)